Through March the Range closes on Thursdays at 4:00 PM for league shooting.
Please come experience the fun of competitive shooting

We are open to the public.  On weekends we charge $23 for one shooter, $19 each for a shared lane. We allow up to three shooters per lane.

During the week we charge $20/hr for one shooter, $15 each for a shared lane.  Again, we allow up to three shooters per lane.

  • You can bring as many firearms as you like, no additional fees
  • We have a broad assortment of handguns and rifles available for rent at $20 each
  • We also offer Full Auto Rentals at $100
  • We welcome both rifles and handguns up to 50 caliber
  • Targets, if you need them, start at .50 cents a piece
  • Electronic Hearing Protection, if you need it, is $3 to rent
  • Members have the benefit of making lane reservations up to two weeks in advance as well as special pricing on ammunition and other products
  • There are also member's only events, products, and training specials

Open To The Public  

 Chanhassen: 10am - 8pm Monday - Friday  |  9am - 8pm Saturday  |  10am - 6pm Sunday

Open 30 minutes prior to public open for members Monday - Saturday

About The Range

The Shooting Range at Stock & Barrel Gun Club features 14 - state of the art pistol/rifle lanes. All our lanes are 25 yards long, and can accommodate any caliber up to .50 caliber. We are open to the public 7 days a week.


The Stock & Barrel Gun Club offers 14 shooting lanes with state-of-the-art digitally controlled target area systems. We have an air filtration system that exchanges air every 90 seconds providing a superior shooting environment.

The shooting stalls provide comfortable shooting benches and are divided by one-inch bulletproof glass and are eight inches wider than standard shooting range stalls. Each of our 14 lanes will be 25 yards long and feature a total steel containment trap. The Shooting Range will be able to accommodate a full complement of firearms including all pistols and rifles up to and including 50 caliber.


Our ventilation systems are the best in the industry and provide shooters with hospital-clean, comfortable, temperature-controlled air. With a slight breeze at your back, our system moves the air down range at a monitored and controlled rate of 75 feet per minute to prevent lead exposure and ensure that those at the firing line will always breathe clean, fresh air.

Range Rules

Always remember the 4 Firearms Safety Rules:

1.    Always treat firearms as if they are loaded

2.   Do not point your gun at anything you do not want to destroy

3.   Keep your finger off the trigger (and your safety on) until you intend to shoot

4.   Always be aware of your target and its surroundings

  • Always have both eye and ear protection before entering the transition room going into the range
  • Always keep your gun cased(or in its holster) until you’re at the firing point, do not leave your firing point with an uncased or unholstered firearm
  • Load/unload firearms only at the firing point bench
  • Always keep the muzzle of the firearm pointed downrange
  • Do not move forward of the firing point bench. If you need to retrieve something that has fallen forward of the bench bring it to the attention of the RSO
  • If you experience a malfunction or issue with your firearm that you cannot fix or are unaware of how to fix yourself, keep the gun pointed down range and call for an RSO for assistance or signal for an RSO with your non-shooting hand
  • Shooters who wish to draw from the holster must be “holster qualified” through Stock & Barrel gun club
  • No food or drink is allowed on the range
Ammunition Restrictions
  • You may shoot all rifle calibers up to but excluding .50 BMG
  • You may shoot ALL pistol calibers
  • Shotguns can only fire slugs or double 00 Buckshot. Lead Turkey loads can be fired; but target must be beyond 20 yards and must be lower then belt level.
  • You may shoot .177 or .22 lead pellets (no steel BBs)
  • No Muzzle Loader firearms
  • No steel-core/bi-metal rounds or steel-shot, no tracers, no armor piercing, no incendiary, no black powder
  • No Steel or Aluminum Cased Ammunition

Safety Video

Click play button to watch the safety video