Learning to Live With Civil Unrest

These days, “civil unrest” catches a lot of headlines. Here’s how you can help keep your family safe during times of uncertainty.

“The only thing that stays the same is that everything changes.” Have you heard that one? How about the phrase, “civil unrest?” It’s near impossible to scroll through any headlines these days without coming across a societal issue that directly affects your personal and family’s safety.

Riots and protests. Workplace shootings. Active shooters in grocery stores. Home invasions. Carjackings. It’s heartbreaking that these are the issues we’re all forced to think about on a regular basis, but the unfortunate truth is that these social issues have become reality in many locales. Through barricades and the National Guard, it’s clear that officials are taking actions to prepare for the unexpected. How can you do the same?

The overwhelming good news is that, as a citizen, you have the right to prepare for and expect the unexpected, too. Said another way: You have the RIGHT to take necessary measures that secure your personal protection during times of uncertainty and civil unrest.

One of the most popular solutions to personal protection is, “I’ll get a gun.” And, based on the number of background checks conducted since early 2020, millions of Americans have taken that step for the first time. So, if you’ve recently purchased a gun for personal protection or are thinking about doing so, you’re certainly not alone … and we’re here to help.

But then what? Owning a gun can be intimidating, and simply owning the gun is the mere tip of the personal-protection iceberg.

Training Your Mind

Consider this:

  • Let’s say civil unrest has broken out. Law enforcement is stretched thin and people are angry. There are people all over your yard and your porch. You and your family are stuck inside, and you do have a handgun. What do you do?

  • You’re awoken at night to noises in your home office downstairs. You pull your handgun from its beside safe, sneak past the rooms of your sleeping kids and go downstairs. In the dark, you find a person holding a flashlight and going through your desk. What do you do?

  • You’re standing in the check-out line at the grocery store, wrapping up the last of your shopping for your upcoming cabin vacation. The man in front of you suddenly pulls out a gun, points it at the cashier and beings screaming, calling her an “unfaithful cheater.” You’re legally carrying a concealed handgun. What do you do?

We firmly believe that knowledge and training are the weapons that are more effective than any other when it comes to securing your own personal protection. Buying a firearm is one thing, but knowing how to use it—and equally as important, WHEN to use it and WHEN NOT to use it—is an entirely different set of skills.

The best way to quickly and effectively improve your own personal safety, and that of your entire family, is to participate in firearms and situational training classes from trusted, personable experts.

Think of these classes as community education courses, where you’re surrounded by like-minded people devoted to being prepared, and by instructors passionate about helping you protect what matters more than anything else—safety.

Classes to Consider

Here’s a small sample of the classes we offer at Stock and Barrel:

New Shooter / Basic Handgun Class

  • Understand the basics of handgun operation and range safety

  • Learn important factors in handgun selection

  • Learn shooting fundamentals: grip, sight picture and trigger control

  • Experience range time with an instructor

Permit to Carry Class

  • Understanding laws pertaining to handgun ownership

  • Introduction to basic shooting skills

  • Understanding handguns and range safety

  • Range time with an instructor

Less Than Lethal / Flashlights Class

  • Basic empty-handed combat techniques

  • Employment of less than lethal weapons

  • Pros and cons of proximity weapons

Surviving an Active Shooter Class

  • Understanding and practicing situational awareness

  • What to do if you hear gunfire in a public place

  • Tools to give you and edge against an attacker

  • How to get your family out of a stampeding crowd

Surviving a Home Invasion Class

  • Setting up your own home to make it more secure

  • How to train family and other residents

  • Contingency planning for a home invasion

  • Home defense firearms selection

Judgement Skills

  • Often taught on our virtual range, this class places attendees in different real-world scenarios that represent a real threat, or a perceived threat.

  • Our students learn to make quick decisions, and the instructor will then discuss the choices made, response time and additional options that the student might’ve overlooked.

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