Selecting A Handgun

Much like anything else in life worthy of investing time, selecting a handgun is deeply personal and should be something that takes time to determine how it fits your individual needs.

Summer Cleaning

At a time when weather is a little more extreme, our guns get shot a little bit more and we use them outdoors more often, Summer is a good time to talk about firearms cleaning.

Self Defense and Non-Lethal Options

When you’re in a place where certain implements such as a firearm are not an option, knowing how to defend yourself with what you have at hand is an invaluable skill.

Home Defense

An easy way to look at home defense is the same way you might look at your home itself…because simply having a gun is NOT all that’s required to successfully defend the home.

Firearms Classes For Ladies

Men and women think differently, and we need to keep this in mind when deciding what firearms training courses we should take and what instructors we take them from. A good place to start is looking for firearms classes for ladies only.