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Stock and Barrel provides both a USPSA style league and a Steel shoot to its members and guests that takes place Thursdays throughout the Winter. The schedule for our league can be found on our calendar here: and we also post our schedule to the MN Shoot Schedule found here:

Our USPSA style league is done in a "shoot and scoot" format, meaning you can show up anytime, get registered at our range desk, and then go into the bays and shoot whatever stage you'd like. 

We run 2 stages, and from time to time we will run 1 longer stage in one bay  with 2 smaller speed shoots in the other bay. We also will collaborate with other clubs to host sanctioned classifier matches as well.

Our Steel Challenge league utilizes the same shoot and scoot format. We run 4 stages on our steel nights. Our steel shoots are a great way for people to begin to learn about different types of competitive shooting. 

We strongly encourage people who are new to come and check out our leagues! We have plenty of staff, members, and participants that are always willing and able to help you and and give you more information. We also offer an Intro to Competitive Shooting class that is a great way to learn about safety, rules, and how to play the game. You can find this class on our Classes page.

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