USPSA Style Fun Match


Thursday May 19th---6PM
Stock and Barrel Gun Club
18832 East Lake Road Chanhassen

Stock and Barrel is giving you a sneak peek and a free USPSA Style match!

Come join us as we get ready to swing our doors open wide. This will be a fun, educational event for shooters of all skill levels. Come out and meet some of our staff and be some of the part of the first group to throw lead down our range. Even if you have never shot a match before you are sure to have a great time.

Shooters should bring a firearm, Holster, 4 mags and 100 rounds of range ammo. Ammo will be on sale in the store if needed. If you do not have a rig; we will have a loaner available for you. The virtual range stage is also available!

All players are eligible for a discount on their Membership sign up fee.

We will see you on the 19th!