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Have you ever wondered, “What are the best CCW classes near me?” Well, you’re not alone, and the truth is, you have a lot of options.

Getting formalized gun training through a concealed carry class has a reputation for being an intimidating experience, especially for new shooters. It’s human nature to resist stepping out of our comfort zone. Plus, in a world where you can learn to swap the transmission of your truck through YouTube videos, attending an in-person class might seem futile. But trusting your personal defense—and your transmission—to a YouTuber is … well, risky at best. You’d be much better served taking that vehicle to a reputable and proven mechanic who knows what they’re doing and who genuinely cares about the safety of your family. Same goes for your concealed carry class experience. The difference, however, is that replacing your transmission is never fun and always expensive. Training doesn’t have to be expensive, and it ought to be as enjoyable as it is educational.

Concealed Carry Class

In most states, any citizen seeking to get a CCW (concealed carry weapon) permit must attend and pass a concealed carry class, which includes range time with a certified instructor, before submitting an application to local law enforcement for their permit. Stock & Barrel offers the “Permit to Carry” course at both their Eagan and Chanhassen location, which is geared toward new shooters interested in obtaining—or simply learning more about—a concealed carry permit. This course pairs an approachable instructor with students with four main objectives: handgun and range safety, basic shooting skills, classroom discussion regarding laws pertaining to handgun ownership, and personalized range time with the instructor. This is the perfect entry-level course for new shooters, paired with other shooters of a similar skillset, to begin their journey toward improving their personal defense skills. And again, this course is required by law in most states. Here’s the best part: The course costs $125 and takes up only 4 hours of your time. It’s the perfect no-obligation experience to gauge your own interest in the concealed carry lifestyle. Plus, after a successful completion, you’re eligible to submit that CCW application if you so choose.

Drawing a Concealed Firearm

Though it sounds intuitive, pulling a firearm from a concealed holster—quickly, and likely while under a very high level of stress—is often one of the most overlooked skills related to the concealed carry lifestyle. While the Permit to Carry class lays the groundwork, the “Draw from the Holster” course offers intermediate-level skills improvement. It’s also no secret that carrying a concealed firearm can be very uncomfortable and cumbersome … but it definitely does not have to be that way. This course also covers proper holster fit for your gun and your body type, as well as proper placement for comfortable—yet easily accessible—carrying options. As taught by Stock & Barrel instructors, the Draw from the Holster course focuses on the five fundamental steps it takes to draw a holstered handgun and present it in a defensive situation.

Carrying With Confidence

Similar to driving, choosing to carry a gun for personal protection is an ongoing exercise in making quick decisions and learning to react appropriately to situations we are presented with on a daily basis. You’ve certainly heard a coach tell their athletes, “Ninety-five percent of the game is played between the ears.” That’s applicable here, too. To enhance those decision-making skills, Stock & Barrel offers a “Judgement Skills” course. Think of it as a concealed carry class in the most life-like, simulated experience possible. This unique course caters to the armed citizen looking to sharpen their situational awareness and quick decision-making skills. Shooters use Stock & Barrel’s state-of-the-art virtual shooting range, and are presented with a variety of scenarios that replicate either a real or a perceived threat. Students must make quick decisions, and then discuss the choices they made, response time and other potential options with an instructor. Like a flight simulator for pilots, shooters are able to experience life-like situations one-on-one with an instructor.

Protection With and Without Firearms

With the proper training, carrying a firearm is the best way of defending yourself. But we also realize that there are people not yet comfortable with carrying a firearm, and those who want. self-defense options in addition to their firearm. The “Less than Lethal” class at both Chanhassen and Eagan, offers students suggestions and employment of less-than-lethal weapons in a defensive setting. In addition, instructors also cover the pros and cons of less-then-lethal close-proximity weapons and flashlights, as well as basic empty-handed combat skills. This course is ideal for the new student, as well as for the experienced shooter seeking to expand their self-defense toolbox.

Made To Order

The key to successful firearms training is creating a zero-pressure environment in which to learn, alongside classmates with similar skills and interests, from instructors who genuinely care about the well-being and success of their students. Stock & Barrel builds their concealed carry classes upon these foundational principles. Walk through the doors, accept a welcoming smile … and leave a stronger version of yourself.

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