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Safety, Education & Training

At Stock & Barrel we believe in Safety, Education, and Training, or SET. Our Training Center provides specialty classes, in our onsite meeting and conference rooms, for every level of gun enthusiast – whether you’ve never held a gun before, or you are looking to enhance your advanced knowledge – we have the class for you. Classroom offerings include Concealed Carry, introductory courses, gun safety, tactics, scenario training and classes specifically designed for women.

You’ll learn from some of the most skilled shooters and best teachers in the country in our 2-tiered system with courses suitable for any skill level. Whether you’re a competition shooter or a beginner, we’ve got something to meet your needs.


Tier 1 

This tier of classes offers 4 programs all focused on the basic elements of safely and effectively controlling and shooting the handgun:

  • HANDGUN SAFETY:  Our first handgun training tier begins with a handgun safety course that covers not only all the general firearms safety fundamentals, but also all the safety considerations of specifically handling a pistol.
  • CONTROLLING THE HANDGUN: Our CONTROLLING THE HANDGUN course takes you into the first two elements we like to introduce when teaching someone to shoot a handgun; grip and stance. You’ll learn the importance of things like body and hand position and how to effectively handle the guns recoil for fast and accurate shooting. Like most of our courses we include plenty of repetition and drills throughout the class.
  • TRIGGER CONTROL: In our TRIGGER CONTROL class we go over the skills that allow for consistent and steady trigger presses. As always we include plenty of drills and repetition that change with every class allowing students to come back and attend the same class with new exercises to continue to hone their skills.
  • SIGHTING: In SIGHTING we talk about the use of different sight pictures for everything from close range to long range shooting with the handgun. Each class we perform exercises at various distances in our virtual and live fire range.


Tier 2

This tier of classes focuses on specific gun handling skills.

  • THE DRAW: In our DRAW course we go over the individual steps of performing a clean, fast, and safe draw from the holster. We perform repetitions on drawing the firearm from various configurations giving students a taste of what its like to get to their gun in different carry methods. This information also helps people make an informed decision when purchasing a holster.
  • RELOADS: In our RELOADS class we dive into the many methods of performing different types of reloads allowing the student to make an educated decision about what methods works best for them for any particular handgun. As always we perform many repetitions of exercises that change on a regular basis.
  • MALFUNCTIONS: Our MALFUNCTIONS class takes you through the different types of malfunctions that can occur with a handgun and the different methods of addressing them. Similar to our RELOADS class students gain knowledge and experience with different methods of clearing malfunctions.