About Stock & Barrel

Stock & Barrel is a next generation firearm club providing a unique club-like environment for owners of firearms.

Our Gun Club is designed with a public shooting range in an accessible location featuring a premium, club-like feel throughout the facility and grounds. At Stock & Barrel, you’ll find an indoor shooting range with 14 lanes, a Pro Shop for firearm purchases and rentals, training rooms and a private Caliber Club. Since our focus will be on Safety, Education and Training, we will be offering a full menu of classes and training for every level of gun enthusiast.


  • Upscale approach providing comfortable and inviting amenities to further enhance the overall experience while creating a more inviting environment for newcomers.
  • Public shooting range with non-linear shooting, holster work, practice barrier and more.
  • Gun Rental
  • License to sell, rent and use NFA items.
  • Three membership levels will be offered – Caliber Club, Liberty and Corporate Memberships.
  • Gun Vault with individual lockers.
  • Armorer available to keep your firearm in top condition.
  • Pro Shop staffed with experts.
  • Specialty training and safety classes in our onsite meeting and conference rooms.