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About our Classes

Basic Handgun Shooting $79

This class is part of Stock & Barrel's shooting tutorial program which is a catalog of courses that can be taken on their own or in conjunction with our MN Permit to Carry course. Regularly scheduled immediately after our MN permit to Carry course, this is a roughly 1.5hr course that goes through the baseline fundamentals of shooting the handgun. 

Students are taught the basic principles behind controlling the handgun such as grip, stance, and trigger control. This class can be followed up with other classes that go into more advanced gun handling skills such as reloads, malfunctions, drawing from a holster, etc.


MN/Multistate Permit to Carry Course $125

The Stock and Barrel permit to carry course covers a wide range of topics to ensure that students have a solid base of knowledge if they decide to carry a firearm for protection. In addition to classroom time covering various topics there is also range time for shooting instruction and qualification.

Topics covered include but are not limited too:

  • Concealed carry lifestyle/Mindset
  • Obtaining your permit
  • Where you’re prohibited from carrying
  • Carrying in other states
  • Laws on use of deadly force
  • Firearms Safety
  • Handguns and carry equipment
  • Training
  • Shooting, gun handling, and qualification

While this course is geared towards people interested in obtaining their permit to carry, its also a great course for people who are interested in simply learning more about firearms, safety, shooting, and legalities.


Drawing from the Holster $149

Required to draw at Stock and Barrel

Stock & Barrel's Drawing From the Holster course is a 3.5 hour class that dives into the principals of a safe, biomechanically efficient draw that can be applied to concealed carry, competition, and other applications. 

This course will include a qualification that, if passed, will allow members to draw from the holster when they come to our range. 

This course is only available to Stock & Barrel members. 

Qualification must be passed in order to have benefit of drawing from holster for future range visits. 

Students must bring a minimum of 100rds of ammunition, a suitable handgun, and a belt holster. 


Draw under Duress $75

This is a non-firing introduction to drawing a weapon under stress.  Students learn proper draw path, grip and target engagement.  They learn to draw while being held, pushed or confined.  Students will also learn to draw from seated positions, on the ground, and on the move.


AR for Defense $125

Often over looked as a defensive weapon an AR provides the shooter with the highest degree of accuracy, stopping power, capacity and multi-shot capability.  Class will cover AR options, ammo choices, suppression, movement with an AR, and AR fundamentals 

You will need at least 100 rounds and two magazines. Please notify range if you do not have weapon or magazines. They will be available for rent if you do not have one. 


Close Quarters Combat $125

Most defensive shooting involve physical contact with shots fired from less then 12 inches away.  CQC class introduces the shooter to shooting in tight confines.  Drawing without space, hi / low retention shooting and dealing with CQC stress. Due to the unique nature of our training facility students will be able to fire their guns at close quarter ranges including contact distances.


Advanced Carry Skills $179

This class follows our standard permit to carry class and is an advanced shooting course covering the fundamentals of draw, reloads, jams, high / low retention shooting, positions and movement with a gun. Students should supply 200 rounds of ammo.


Introduction to Low Light/No Light $125

Students will learn how to use a flash light as a defensive weapon and shooting aid.  This is a live fire course that will cover the various techniques for utilizing a light in conjunction with a handgun and also the tactics of using a light while shooting. You will need to bring 100 Rounds of ammunition, flashlight, and gun for this class.


Basic Range and Firearms Safety $50

This course covers the basic elements of firearms safety as well as specific safety considerations for shooting on a range. We will also cover safe gun handling practices/techniques specifically with a handgun.


Grip/How to Hold a Handgun $60

This class takes a highly detailed look at proper grip on a handgun and why our grip is vitally important when shooting a handgun. 

Students will learn why proper hand position and tension are important and how much effect grip can have on our shooting.


Virtual Range Judgement Training $99

Good judgment is critical to carrying a gun.  Understanding when to retreat and when you have no options.  This course makes use of the virtual range to help students learn when they should or should not engage.  We use a wide variety of scenarios, discussion and review actions and options for each one.  Students will be challenged to explain their actions and examine consequences.


Intro to Silencers

Silencers are not only legal in Minnesota - they are awesome

Come and learn to this classroom / shooting range class where you will learn about different types of silencer, how they attach to weapons, and what benefits they offer.  We will also learn how to own one legally.

We will be shooting silenced rifle, rim fire and center fire pistol.  Shooting will take place after hours as one of our featured down range classes.  No hearing protection needed :)


Flashlight Class. 8 person limit 90 minute class Cost $99

The most important defensive tool you can own outside of a cell phone and a firearm is a flash light. Flash Lights never miss, are good at distance and can be in your hand everywhere you go. On top of being just an ultimately practical everyday tool; a flash light can save your life. Learn simple and effective methods for using a flash light as a self defense tool. Learn how to carry, deploy and present light to a target. Learn how to use a strike bezel and other simple life saving self defense techniques.


Family Protection Cost $149

The armed citizen primary focus is on defense of themselves and family. In the home many gun owners have given some thought to how they would protect their families; but how will your family react. How do you protect someone who is frozen, panicked or unable to follow commands. How will your stress level change with a child in your arms, your hands on a stroller or your spouse between you and an armed intruder. This practical down range shooting course taught by Stock and Barrels defense professionals is designed for the armed civilian. This is a small group class limited to 4 shooters. Bring defensive weapon, 200 rounds of ammo. This course is offered several times a year on Sundays or by special appointment for private sessions.