Range Rules

  1. All firearms must be holstered or cased while going to or from the range. NEVER handle un-cased or un-holstered firearms behind the firing line.

  2. Always keep firearms pointed down range and in a safe direction. NEVER turn around in the booth while holding a firearm. Never point (muzzle) the firearm at yourself, another person, the ceiling, or shooting booth walls. Never for ANY REASON leave your booth with an un-cased or un-holstered firearm, always uncase and case your firearm at the firing point.

  3. Do not attempt to retrieve anything that falls in front of the firing line. If you lose a piece of equipment, ask the RSO for assistance.

  4. If you observe any unsafe behavior or condition by anyone, report it to a Range Safety Officer immediately.

  5. Eye and ear protection must be put on BEFORE entering the range and worn at all times while inside.

  6. If a “CEASE FIRE” is called, cease all shooting.

  7. For any firearm or ammunition problem, (such as a squib or hang fire) keep the gun pointed down range, remain in your booth, and signal a Range Safety Officer for assistance by raising your non-shooting hand.

  8. Use only the correct ammunition for your firearm.

  9. Know and understand the operating mechanism and safety features of your firearm. If you are unsure how to operate your firearm or a rented firearm ask a range officer for assistance. We will be glad show you how to operate the firearm safely.

  10. Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting.

  11. No food, drink, gum or tobacco is permitted inside the range. Wash your hands each time you leave the range and before smoking, eating or drinking.

  12. Shooters who desire to shoot handguns from the holster must be “HOLSTER QUALIFIED”.

  13. Remember and always abide by the 4 firearm safety rules:

    a. Always treat your gun as if it’s loaded.

    b. Never point your gun at something you don’t intend to destroy.

    c. Keep your finger off the trigger (and your safety on, if applicable), until you intend to shoot.

    d. Be aware of your target and its surroundings.

Ammunition Restrictions

• You may shoot all rifle calibers up to but excluding .50 BMG.

• You may shoot ALL pistol calibers.

• There are no restrictions on the size of shotgun loads but they must be lead.

• You may shoot .177 or .22 lead pellets (no steel BBs)

• No Muzzle Loader firearms.

• All ammunition must be lead.

• No steel-core or steel-shot, No tracers, No armor piercing, No incendiary, No Black Powder.