Action Shooting

About our League:

Stock and Barrel provides a USPSA style league to its members and guests that takes place every other Thursday throughout the Winter. The schedule for our league can be found on our calendar here:

We utilize a "shoot and scoot" format allowing us to accommodate a large group of shooters while still efficiently getting people through stages. 

Upon arrival, you will acquire your score sheet from our membership desk(cost to participate is $15). With your score sheet in hand you can go to either of our two stages, submit your scoresheet to the range officer who will then put you in que to shoot the stage. Once you're up, the range officer will call out your name.

Stock and Barrels Winter league is a perfect  opportunity to get out and shoot in the winter months! This action shooting is great practice, a ton of fun, and a great way to meet other shooters in your area.

We not only welcome, but encourage new shooters to come check out our league. Stock and Barrel has a variety of classes, some designed specifically to help you understand competition shooting. If you're a first timer to a competitive shooting event, just let one of our friendly staff know and we'll show you how things work your first night.

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If you participate in our league check out our where you're at in our league standings.

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